Krowten Emagyp

This is a small game that I developed along with 2 other students as a class project, back in my college days. It is a small Mario-clone platformer game engine demo with interesting physics and that supports online multiplayer. It is full of bugs, the code is awful (our first contact with the Python programming language) but the end result is quite fun. Built with Python + pygame.

You can see a demo video here

The version that is available online is quite boring as it is what we used for the demo; a lot of constraints were put on the engine in order to avoid showcasing our bugs during the presentation. I have been planning for years to spend a few hours to unlock the 'fun' in the game, but never got around to it. Maybe one day!

Important:press 'n' at the beginning of the game in order to spawn your player


We used the graphics and sound out of random open-source projects.